"Hi, my name is Simone Tonkin and i am a qualified force free reward based dog trainer. I believe that if a dog is rewarded for a behaviour you like, then it is more likely to repeat the behaviour."

"You get out of the training what you put in."

No training is done using harsh handling or training tools such as choke chains, shock or spray collars, lead jerking, pet correctors, squirting water, hitting or shouting etc.

Covers swale, medway and other surrounding areas.

Insured and canine first aid trained.


Loose lead walking


Puppy courses

Rescue dog training

Home visits

Dog walking service

Behaviour consultations


Holds certifcates in:

Canine aggression IMDT

Impulse Control IMDT

Loose Leaders IMDT

Happy recallers IMDT

Perfect Puppy IMDT

Canine Body Language IMDT

2 day career as a Dog Trainer course IMDT

4 Day Practical Instuctor Course IMDT

The Exercises IMDT

Treatment and prevention of dog aggression IAN DUNBAR

Common Behaviour and training problems IAN DUNBAR

Growl class IAN DUNBAR

Dog Psychology

Canine communication diploma

2 Day assessment pass with Distinction

Reactive Rascals